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re: Milfred lvl 100 Retribution Paladin

1. Information about yourself.

Name: Joachim
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Norway
Occupation: Student

2. Information about character.

Name: Milfred
Realm: Grim Batol
Class: Paladin
Spec Retribution; been tanking alot in previous expansions, but decided in pandaria that i would reroll Ret. My rotation is Crusader Strike, Judgement and Excorsism in that prioritized order to build holy power. Then Templars Verdict to dump, and Divine storm if i get free proc from templars verdict. Execution Sentence when off cooldown and avengers wrath when off cooldown (unless i save it for a better time, depends on the fight)  Just ask if i left something out or something was unclear.
Off-spec (Please explain the purpose of your off-spec): Protection; Because i have been prot for a long time, untill i decided to reroll ret. Just wanted to try something new. But i still enjoy tanking. 
Time played: 37 days (on this character) Have other characters with more playtime. 
Armory Link:
Screenshot of your UI (preferably in raid):  will leave as a reply to this post. 
WWS/WoL Report (Giving us a full report will raise your chance to get accepted to imba):
Guildhistory - What guilds have you been in and why did you leave them: I have not been raiding in a guild since WotLK but then i was in Carpe Diem here on Grim Batol wich did quite good. I left because the guild merged with another and i didn't want to join with them. I was Druid Officer in that guild and lead alot of raids. In Burning Crusade i raided with an old schoold raid group called Unity Path on Earthen-Ring and if you are old school gamer you have heard of it. Ranked #1 on the realm and was quite big worldwide (at the bottom of top 30)

3. Additional Information.

I have the experience needed from old raids, i have raided alot in the earlier years, and have now gotten the interest to pick it back up. The reason i havent joined a guild is because i havent had the opportunity to have the nights off to raid wich i do now. And it has been so convenient to just PuG a raid. I have full HFC Heroic clear, and have never tried Mythic because i havent wanted to join pugs for it. Thats why i want to join you guys now, because i think i can be a good addition to your rosters, and i think you can give me the challenge i look for. I miss being able to wipe without half the raid leaving. 

Vanilla experience: Naxx and everything below

TBC experience: Killed everything up to Felmyst and had a couple tries on Twins. (I quit playing at that time so never got to kill Kil'Jaeden

WoTlk experience: Everything untill up till Ulduar, i quit playing again when the patch was released. ANd started again abit later to PvP. 

Cataclysm experience: Up to a couple bosses in Firelands. 

Mists of Pandaria experience: Everything on Normal (Did only pugs here) 
Warlords of Draenor experience:
Archi Heroic. (I have tried Iron Reaver Mythic once, but didnt kill him).
imba raids 3 days a week.
Wednesday, Sunday & Tuesday from 19:30 to 23:00 (this can stretch to 23:30 if needed).
Can you honestly say that you can attend 3 out of 3 days? We will hold you to your word! Yes, i would be able to join 3 nights a week.

What is your attitude towards being on standby: if the set up requires another role than yours or when the spot is being rotated?
I am fine with that as i am usually playing anyways. Used to do it alot in the old days. 
4. Your own input: Here you can write down some closing words of your application, questions that you might have or additional information that you find important to add.
I can say that i learn quick, and i am nice and easy-going. I do what i am supposed to and i do it good. 
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